Expert welding knowledge and advice through their European welding engineer and welding inspectors.

  • Weld Procedure Qualification to BS EN ISO 15607:2003/EN 1011
  • Welder Qualification witnessing to ASME and BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013
  • Welder Qualification to BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013/ASME 1X
  • Consultancy and company preparation towards BS EN ISO 14731, BS EN 3834 and CE marking BS EN 1090-1 Standards implementation
  • Provision of a nominated responsible welding coordinator

Planning Pre-production Duties

A Certified Welding Engineer is involved in all phases of a welding project, including planning, drawing up and approving contract documents and/or consulting with the client or other technical personnel involved in the project. He is also typically responsible for making sure all of the necessary equipment, supplies and labor for the welding operations are on hand.

Supervising or Conducting Welding Operations

The CWE’s primary responsibility is to supervise all welding operations to make sure they are conducted according to specifications. In a few cases, he performs some or all of the work himself; in most cases he delegates to other welders. The CWE is ultimately responsible for quality control on most projects. Some larger projects might even have client or third-party inspectors involved in the Q/A process.

Documenting Work Orders/Writing Reports

CWEs also have administrative responsibilities. They are usually responsible for documenting all welding work performed, including completing work orders and/or preparing technical reports. Sometimes CWEs also participate in final walk-throughs with clients or are on hand for equipment installation or the initial start up of the project.